To stay grounded in the word, we have to study the word. This week’s life work is to Pray this Prayer:

 — O Lord, thank You for saving me and filling and baptizing me with the Holy Ghost. I believe that I have been made righteous by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. Now through the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within me help me to do the right thing because it is the right thing. And help me to do what is right, and not what is easy because I want to please you. In Jesus name, it is so!

Spend extra time meditating on God’s will, “For it is the [culpable] ignorance and irresponsible criticism of foolish people. (1 Peter 2:15, AMP).

Remember, good intention with the poor approach, often leads to sorrowful results… good intention with the proper approach, often leads to desired results.  Approach this week with a positive mindset, affirming positive words, followed by positive actions. 

It is so…