During my travels in London I experienced the recorded voice that was installed to warn travelers to watch out for the space between the platform and train, instructing people to “mind the gap” each time a train stops.

Minding the gap focuses on what’s missing and what could be. The areas of friction, discontent, and deficiency provide you with a heat map for innovation. Rather than focusing on the superficial stuff of this world, God is inviting you and I to go deeper on minding the gap of our lives. It is a pathway to entirely new – and highly differenced – Transformation.

Today, I would like to focus on How God does not want you to be a slave to your emotions and how He wants you to correct wrong beliefs that are negatively influencing your behavior.

            Through the transforming power of the Word of God and the inside work of the Holy Spirit with your cooperation you will become better and begin to see the manifestation of you “minding the gaps” of your life!