If you release a balloon inside a house or a room it will float upwards towards the ceiling. However, you take the same balloon and release it outside it will float as high as the sky. The balloon will go as high as the ceiling or environment that it is in or as high as the standard that is set. It’s rising potential is determine by the standard that you set. You will not rise higher than your thinking and believing…your standard, your ceiling, or your lid. John Maxwell, an expert on leadership, calls this principle, “The Law of the Lid.”

In this message, “raising your standards,” will help you transform your life. Acknowledging, Accepting, and Embracing God’s Transformative Presence in the world and in your life is a proper response for a Believer who is becoming a Christian Disciple of Jesus, who is becoming a Transformer in the World. Although the world and your previous experiences and education have placed constructs on your life, the transformative presence of God can help you change that. If you submit to the transforming work of God in your everyday life it will change you over time from the inside out. You have to raise your standards if you want to be transformed.

Whatever you tolerate will continue to increase. If you don’t like what is happening in or around your life, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!