Sept. 9th 2020

  • The Moment Demands Laser Like Focus – A Focused Heart of God Prevents a Faulty Life – Whatever you allow to divide your focus you give the authority to distance you from your future. Your tomorrow is defined by the targets you set for yourself today. Your future is shaped by what you choose to give your focus to today
  • Appropriate through Faith what Grace has made available to you according to Hebrews 10:11-25
    • The New Covenant is Filled with Promises to help you Focus and Refocus
    • Do you know and understand the power of the New Covenant of Grace?  When are you going to realize the force of focus in your life?
    • As you consistently appropriate through faith what grace has made available to you will discover that inside of you is the living, powerful, operative, energizing seed of creativity, innovation, and motivation.
    • What does not line up with the Word of God that is written in your heart is an un-welcomed distraction, diversion or deception that does not need to be internalize or saved to the hard drive of your soul.
  • Choose Your Priorities according to Matthew 6:33, AMP 
    • What do you believe would be the best use of your time and energy?  Did you know that your personal progress and prosperity is connected to your priorities?
    • You define what your priories are.  You have to decide every day what order of priority you are going to give to the demands and duties of your day.
    • You should give priority to your personal relationship with God.  You should give priority to the progress of God’s kingdom on earth and the development of your attitude and character that is reflective of God’s way of being and doing right.
  • Maintain Your Focus according to Philippians 4:7-9 and Colossians 3:14-17
    • You have to maintain your focus by intentionally choosing who and what you will focus on.
    • You are able to maintain your focus when you intentionally implant Godly things in your heart and center your mind on them.
    • You have to choose peace. When God’s peace rules your heart you realize the force of a focused heart that prevails and progress toward your destiny.