Expanding the narrative of Christian Blacks in America

Our first story is a chapter in the life of a senior sister.  Cohabitating at the tender age of 20 and then married at the age of 32, she struggled for a period of 5 years in a relationship plagued with negative behavior, including verbal and emotional abuse, until she received a release from God to separate herself for her own wellbeing and the wellbeing of her children.  After 36 years of separation, she was led of the Spirit to visit her husband at his home in the south where she found him in poor physical health.  Moved with compassion and by the spirit of forgiveness she stayed 3 months (in obedience to the Spirit) to care for him.  Six years later, against her personal plans and desires, she would be moved by the Spirit to bring her husband from the south and into her home to care for him – where he has resided for 3 years now.  Legally, they have been married for 44 years.

Our sister, Diane Ford, would like you to know that her story is one of sacrifice, service, forgiveness, and faith.  Her story is HISTORY!

Our second story is a chapter in the life of a newly single sister.  

This sister spent most of her adult life as a wife and mother, giving tirelessly of herself and serving her family while working outside of the home.  After many years of neglecting herself and prioritizing her service to the family, she unconsciously lost herself.  In 2020, with permission and release from God, she let go of the life she had grown accustomed to, and by faith embraced a new beginning.  Her new beginning has been full of favor at every turn including an employer who believes in investing in the wellbeing of the staff, and an unrelated senior sister and mother who provided affordable, temporary housing at just the right time.  During multiple getaways provided by her employer, she was able to enjoy peaceful experiences that allowed her to dream and gain clarity regarding her future.  Since her new beginning she has discovered “herself”, and that there is life after divorce.  She discovered that she could own transportation and even purchase a home, and most of all she discovered that in Christ Anything Can Happen, and Anything is Possible!

Our sister, Andrea McMullen, would like you to know that her story is one of Discovery, Faith, and Favor.  Her story is HISTORY!

Our third story is a chapter in the life of a single, senior sister.  

This sister was the 4th of six children born to her mother, with no memory of her biological father.  At an early age her life was shaped by her mother, grandmother, siblings, and stepfather.  She began cooking with her grandmother at the age of nine – learning skills that would play a major role in her future.  After losing her mother at 17 and her grandma at 22, both succumbing to asthma, her life was drastically changed.  Feeling abandoned by her siblings and living alone in the house for six months at the age of 17, she resorted to stealing food to eat.  She found herself in a dark time –alone, angry, and depressed.  Not long after, at the age of 18, she married and had a beautiful daughter at the age of 19.  Unfortunately, her marriage ended after 5 years due to abuse.  The next years of her life were burdened and interrupted by struggles, disappointment, and vices.  She later came to understand that her vices were symptoms of grief that was never confronted.  Prior to her mother’s death, she introduced this sister to the word of God, specifically psalm 91, and to a (heavenly) father whom she would come to know and love as her own. With faith as her anchor, this sister has been to the mountain top and survived the valleys.  She now knows that there is life after death, and as her grandma says, “nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream”.  After 18 years of walking with the Lord, she has become a student of the Word, an evangelist, a teacher, an intercessor, and an Elder – a true warrior of the faith!  She was also able to get her diploma at a late age and take college courses, as well as earn many certificates.

Our sister, Shirley Myers, would like you to know that her story is one of Faith, Deliverance, and Victory.  Her story is HISTORY!

We pray that these stories will inspire you and convince you that Anything Can Happen, and Anything Is Possible