Keep on giving your thanks to God, for He is so GOOD! His constant, tender LOVE lasts forever! Psalm 118:1, TPT

24 But Jesus permanently holds his priestly office, since he lives forever and will never have a successor! 25 So he is able to save fully from now throughout eternity, everyone who comes to God through him, because he lives to pray continually for them. 26 He is the High Priest who perfectly fits our need—holy, without a trace of evil, without the ability to deceive, incapable of sin, and exalted beyond the heavens! Hebrews 7:24-26, TPT

Beloved, I encourage you to put your hands together for the Lord this day!  And raise the joyful noise of praise giving thanks to God, for He is So GOOD!  And His LOVE is FOREVER!  Forever is a long time and that’s how long He LOVES you!  God’s forever-love is incredible!  Jesus is the full demonstration of the forever-love of God.  Right now Jesus lives forever and will never have a successor!  No one can replace nor is there a need for His replacement. He does not grow weary, He does not sleep or slumber, nor does He break-down and wear out.  Nah!  Jesus got this High-Priest role on lock!  He nailed on the Cross over 2,000 years ago and He is able to fully save anyone no matter how far they have fallen down or how many times they have fallen down.  Jesus gets us!  He perfectly fits our need – forever praying continually for us night & day! Glory, I said Glory!  Hallelujah!  Now, one more time put your hands together and stand your feet and give HIM PRAISE and THANKSGIVING for HIS FOREVER-LOVE!  

Lifework Confession and Prayer

I confess by grace through faith that I am going to get where I am going. I am going to give my everything, heart and soul to accomplish the goal(s) that are set before me. Through the Holy Spirit empowerment, I am focus, faithful, and fearless in Jesus’ name it is so.

  • Be Focus – work on clarity and concentration, meditate and rehearse the promises that provide an anchor for the goal(s) 
  • Be Faithful – feed your faith with the Word of God, get the knowledge, get an understanding, live with wisdom and confidence, taking it one day at a time 
  • Be Fearless – starve fear by not entertaining negative thoughts, pray for strength daily, practice faith with corresponding actions of faith

Please encourage someone today, remembering that we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, Our Testimonies, and Our Understanding that our current condition is not our conclusion.

Have a GODfident Great Day!