We are Saved to Serve

New Beginnings Community Church is a church without walls. Going out and serving our community. Giving God all the glory, He deserves through serving the body of Christ.

To enable this to happen, we need individuals with a willing  heart and a common vision. All this requires is time, investment and application of the gifts God has given to each of us.


The Five Fold Areas of NBCC Ministries

Connect people to Christ and their purpose

We value connecting the love of Christ to people who do not know Jesus. 

It is by His love and grace everyone can experience life as a new creation with new attitudes, practices, hopes and purpose. We value connecting to God through our worship experiences. We practice “extravagant devotion” when we gather to worship and praise God. We embrace different styles of music and fine arts to form an environment where diverse people make room for those who have not yet been touched by the Love of Christ. We value connecting people to their purpose through biblical teaching. Teaching that is real, relevant, relational, respectable and rousing. Teaching that is empowering, can be practically applied in our everyday life and promotes growth.

CONNECT MINISTRY TEAMS:  Worship Arts, Prayer, Disciple Connect, Christian Education, Visitation

Serve one another and our community

We value serving one another in a community of faith.

We journey together building our relationship with God. We share the concern, compassion and love of Christ by caring for those in our community. We value serving to make a difference with our time. We serve by volunteering in areas that fit our God-given gifts, heart, abilities, passion and experiences.

SERVE MINISTRY TEAMS:   Volunteer Resources, Hospitality, STAR Thrift Store, New Beginnings Community Development Corporation

Give by modeling generosity

We value giving our resources to contribute to the greater good of the community.

Collectively, we steward our resources to advance God’s Kingdom work. We are committed to being a fully-resourced church that will use our resources to help the sick, homeless, hungry, impoverished and imprisoned in our community and the world.

GIVE MINISTRY TEAMS: Finance, Financial Empowerment, Timothy A Williams Ministries

Live prosperously in the fivefold areas of life

We value living authentically.

We are a community of faith, growing in grace that encourages supports and cares for one another unconditionally. We journey together, adults and youth, growing spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially.

LIVE MINISTRY TEAMS: Victory Over Vices, Youth, Single, Heirs Together, Sisterhood, New Men

Become a leading, guiding disciple of Christ

We value developing agents of change.

We are committed to identifying, developing and training people to lead in life, ministry and the marketplace. We are committed to developing leaders who are “transformers”, committed agents of change who are equipped disciples and are effective witnesses in their home, community and the world.

LEAD MINISTRY TEAMS: Leadership Development Institute, Elders and Ministers, Deacons, Team Leaders